Technology Wasn’t My Friend

My laptop wasn’t feeling too well so it had to go in for a 1.5 week surgery at the Apple store.  Learning how to cope with an integral part of my life missing was a huge adjustment so I chose to fill the void with my Palm Treo cell phone.  Days later, the Treo betrayed me and also stopped working.

Without warning, the Treo erased my 10,000+ text messages, 100+ email messages and entire phone application.  Fortunately for me I didn’t stress over the situation and calmly began to rebuild my text and email history in the phone’s memory.  Two days later the phone repeated its foolish stunt and deleted everything once again.  I began to fill the technology void in my life with my digital camera and started to take pictures of everything I saw.  Days later–you guessed it–it died also.  At this point I stopped using technology because I couldn’t afford for anything else to break or malfunction.

Now it’s 1.5 weeks later, the MacBook Pro is fixed and working very well, the Treo has been upgraded to a Treo 755p (thanks to my super-generous friend), and the digital camera….well, it’s still dead, but it’s fine because GEREMY IS HAPPY!  Look at the grin on my face!!