I guess I’m impatient

Last weekend I picked up my cousin and we went to the house that I’m buying to clean up the place. There were people passing by who asked “are you the new owner of that house” to which I quickly replied “nope!” When they questioned why I was cleaning up a house that I didn’t own, I said “I guess I’m a nice person.” I am, really!

I guess I’m impatient because I had the carpet guys, electricians, plumbers, and contractors do a walkthrough of the house, giving me estimates and ordering material before I signed any home ownership papers. The lawyer informed me that *technically* I can be sued for doing what I did, but I’m Geremy….whatever that means! I’m not worried.

I guess I’m impatient because my insurance agents outright told me so. There was one day when I called them fifteen times to make sure I got flood insurance within 24 hours. After they told me that I should probably stop calling them, I found their email address address and began emailing them nonstop. I don’t call it neurotic, I prefer persistent and inquisitive.

Ok, so I’m impatient, but that’s good right?! Of course it is because my momma loves me for it!