Mini-Laptop Gone!

Backseat Laptop

Last Friday I unexpectedly parted ways with my mini laptop. While teaching my Friday night class to my “kiddies” I promised to give my computer away to the person who was able to memorize and recall 15 statements within 10 minutes. In the back of my mind I thought that this was an extremely challenging [and almost impossible] task for my group, so didn’t I pay too much attention to the fact that I might lose my laptop. One week later…BAM…Geremy was mini-laptop less.

I thought that I would’ve been a lot more devastated about my loss, but instead I am so proud of the young lady who earned the laptop that I don’t mind the $450 loss. Maybe this is the feeling that a parent has after promising their child $50 for each “A” earned on their report card–only to find out that the child earned straight A’s and they are $2500 poorer as a result.