My Secret Weapon

My Mobile Office

Every superhero has a secret tool–superman has his phonebooth, The President has Air Force One, Fonzie has the jukebox, but this superhero (me) has nothing. A month ago I realized that if I wanted to be effective in this world, I needed a secret weapon.

In December I was flying through the air in a flying chair (on an airplane) when I started to give some thought about my options for tools. I narrowed it down to: Ninja Stars, a helicopter, a wheeled “business case,” or a sniper rifle.

After much deliberation, I selected the wheeled business case, with a twist. I wanted to have the ability to conduct business in any remote place in the planet. I wanted a case that would be a lot like the presidential limo–indestructable, secure, and an office on wheels. I summonsed my inner inventor/engineer skillz and I went to work on the mobile office that would go on to change my life.

My mobile office is outfitted with the following items in a nice, clean, sleek shell:

  • Macbook Pro laptop w/ Adapters
  • Blank CD’s and DVD’s
  • Headphones
  • Cell phone pouch (cell phone to double as wireless modem)
  • iPod, Phone, and Digital camera chargers
  • 2gb Flash Drive
  • Gum, Halls and other refreshing breath enhancing aids
  • Electric Pen, Notebook and Charger
  • Pens, Pencils, Highlighters, Erasers, Scissors, Stapler
  • The book “Snowball” by Warren Buffett
  • An “essentials kit” filled with food, shelter and love

With these tools I’m unstoppable and am able to win any fight against supervillains worldwide!

  1. July 13, 2009 - Reply

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