Napkin Review: Raymond’s

Geremy's Napkin Review

Arguably the most overlooked item on the tables of every restaurant in America is the napkin. Restaurant napkins come in different varieties and they are an integral part of the dining experience; however, people rarely notice its presence–only its absence. Luckily, all of this changes today, as I’ve started a new category of journal entries, called “Geremy’s Napkin Review.”

As of August 25, 2012, I am officially the world’s first napkin reviewer!

Restaurant: Raymond’s of Montclair, NJ
Food Type: American

Raymond's of Montclair

I attended Raymond’s for lunch and after placing my order for a Club Sandwich and an infused Lemonade, I immediately directed my full attention to the square white serviette that plainly rested on the table.

Raymond's of Montclair Napkin

The napkin was of the paper variety and measured approximately 6″ x 6″ in its compact form. When it was fully unfolded, it doubled its dimensions and measured one full square foot. The entire napkin was decorated in a debossed, floral ornamental design that was reminiscent of the victorian era.—these attributes contributed to the attractiveness of the paper. This napkin was easy to handle, due to its light weight and malleability, and it appeared to be fit for usage within a restaurant environment.

All signs indicated that this napkin would be adequate for my meal, but after a single use I realized that this napkin was unsatisfactory for my lunch service. As I placed the napkin on my lap to protect my slacks from escaping food, its light weight caused it to become airborne and float to the ground several times. The single ply quality of the napkin and its small surface area caused it to be almost useless without the addition of several additional napkins.

If you choose to visit this food establishment, you might choose to bring a paper towel from home or a spare, cloth napkin to do the job. Simply put, this napkin could not do the job that it was created to do, therefore I must give Raymond’s of Montclair’s napkin one star.

Napkin Details
Color: White
SIze: Approximately 12″ x 12″
Texture: One-ply paper
Durability: Low
Appearance: Decent— if you’re into victorian-style designs on your napkins

  1. August 25, 2012 - Reply

    hahaha. this had me cracking up silently. you could see me laughing but no sound was coming out. it was that good

  2. September 4, 2012 - Reply

    Moi — that laugh seems like it originated from the depths of your soul! The world needs more of those. Thank you!