*POOF* old camera BE GONE

Canon Powershot SD550

Since 2005 I’ve had this handy-dandy Canon Powershot SD550 camera to use as my main camera of choice. Eventually the camera developed a unique malfunction where a puff of smoke would emit from the camera’s flash bulb every time a picture was taken. In the interest of protecting my life from freak-camera-flash-bulb fire accidents and doing my part to cut down air pollution I went out and purchased a brand new, amazing Digital-SLR camera.

Canon Rebel XSI Canon Rebel XSI

In the process of buying this camera I met my third goal– to purchase a digital SLR camera before December 2009. The only remaining goal on the list is to buy a zebra before I turn 100 years old.

…good thing I have a quality camera to take pictures of “Hemnes” when he gets here.