Profit Opportunity: Esquire E-Ink Magazine

Esquire Magazine - E-Ink

After reading about Esquire magazine’s special, limited release “E-Ink” magazine, I had to immediately purchase a copy for my collection. Is this because I’m a feeble minded consumer? Not in the least! This is because I’m a business-minded individual. Literally one minute after buying this magazine for $6, they were being sold on eBay for $12–a 100% price markup in 60 seconds (profit of 1 dime/second)

My Prediction:
1) Someone is going to figure out a way to hack the screen in the magazine for alternative uses
2) Demand for these magazines will quadruple
3) Demand will exceed supply and collectors and “hackers” will turn to places like eBay and Craigslist to purchase the magazine at a premium
4) I will be faced with the option of selling my magazine for an extremely high gross profit, or simply keep the flashy, distracting magazine on my bookshelf

…profit (or lose $6)

Esquire Magazine - E-Ink