Void No More

After buying two iPhones and selling them at a significant profit, I felt a void in my life–a void created by Apple. For months I searched and searched for ways to fill this void but I remained unsuccessful. But everything changed this week.

I was at a two day on-site client meeting on Tuesday when Steve Jobs made an announcement that Apple is releasing an iPod made somewhat specifically for me.

The great news didn’t come to me until the next day when I was on my way home and upon hearing it, I reacted immediately. I searched for the Apple store closest to me and, like a crackfiend searching for his next rock, I hurried into the store frantically looking for my new gadget. “Sorry sir, we didn’t receive our shipment yet.”


The next day during lunch I went to the Apple store and, finally, I became the proud new owner of an iPod touch.

When I started this site I set four unrelated goals to achieve:

1) Buy a house- done!
2) Buy an iPhone (or iPod touch)- done!
3) Buy a digital SLR camera
4) Buy a zebra

….I’m gonna name my zebra “Hemnes Clarendoin”

  1. November 20, 2008 - Reply

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