Road Trip Day # 3

Current Location: Conyers, GA
States Covered: GA
Brief Summary: My name is Geremy and I am irresponsible. We had a good night and morning on Sullivan’s Island and when the time came for us to leave my dad had one request: “Let me see the Google Earth program.” I took out my laptop and let him use it, but I neglected to put it back into my bag when he was finished. For that reason, my laptop is stranded on Sullivan’s island and I cannot load my digital camera’s pictures on it.

The worst part of the situation is that the itinerary for the trip is saved on Microsoft Word on the computer and I don’t have a printout of it.

We made it to Conyers, GA without incident and spent the night there, but now what? I can’t launch Google Earth to see our next potential destination, I can’t call our next hotel to find out if there are any vacancies, I can’t find any sites in the area, I CAN’T DO ANYTHING.

So here I am, typing an entry with the miniscule keys of the T-Mobile Sidekick. Hopefully my digital camera’s memory card won’t fill up. Hopefully we will get to where we have to be. Hopefully I will get my laptop back.

Keep my laptop in your prayers.
(So much for the “brief” summary)