The Sweltering Academic fortress

When I started college I wanted to be a computer engineer. One semester into school I decided that I wanted to be a computer programmer. One year into school I decided that I wanted to be a business management info-systems adminstrator. One semester later I decided that I wanted to manage a business. Even though I switched majors 4 times, I remained optimistic about my academic future and firmly grasped onto the slim chance that I would graduate on time; however, a meeting this week with my academic advisor revealed the dreaded news that I didn’t want to hear.

“You’re either going to have to take summer classes or graduate in 2008.” I hated my two options. It was like choosing between a gun and a sword with which to kill yourself.

The class that is a prerequisite for me to take all of my other courses is only offered in the fall, but all of my current courses are prerequisites for that class. Since I don’t want to waste one more year of my life taking one class, I chose the summer option. I will have to spend three hours a day, three days a week for four weeks inside of a hot classroom with 25 other students who will be just as happy as I am to be spending the summer basking in the tropic breezes of Room 128.

So when you’re surfing the ferocious waves of the Caribbean, tanning on the beaches of the Hawaii, and/or hunting wolverines in Alaska with your uncle, remember that Geremy is at school learning…and dreading every second of it.