What is this? Tear Gas?!

What happened in this entry took place over 3 months ago, but I have finally gotten over the emotional trauma to write about the experience.

Okay, here goes…

My normal practice when I started working was to go to work directly after school, change clothes in the building’s bathroom, then start work. Things went smoothly for the first week of doing this. I ironed my clothes in the morning, took them to school with me in the car, and then drove to work directly after my 1pm class ended. From time to time I was lucky and was able to occupy the handicapped stall, which had enough room to park a Toyota Prius, but other times I wasn’t as lucky.

One day everything was going wrong. My statistics teacher ended class 7 minutes late, I got every single red light in my route, and a cop drove behind me the entire time. When I got to work, I went in the bathroom hoping to find a clean, unoccupied handicapped stall to bring light to my day, but this was not the case. I had to squeeze into a regular sized 3×5 stall and attempt to change clothes without brushing up against the disgusting toilet, which was radioactively glowing with germs. It was a tough mission, but I was successful… only because I’m Geremy.

Unfortunately, that incident could not compare to what happened a few days later. Class was over on time, I arrived to work on time, and everything seemed fine, until I got to the bathroom. Every bathroom stall was occupied, except the one in the dead center. Since I had no choice, I went into the bathroom and started to change, until I got a whiff of the odors exiting the bodies of the “gentlemen” in the other 4 stalls. At that point, I knew for a fact that the man on the left ate chili for breakfast, the man on the right ate beans for breakfast, and the man in the handicapped stall….ohhhh man, he went to a buffet or something.

My eyes started watering and my pores started to raise. It wasn’t worth it. I changed into my clothes as fast as possible and I ran out of the bathroom. I walked to the office feeling like my health was compromised and vowed never to ever, ever, ever change in the communal bathroom ever. EVER!