Ear Relief


For years, my hollow earholes have prevented me from having an enjoyable earphone experience. I continually bought different types of earphones with hopes of finding one that countoured to my strange ear canal, but nothing fit right…not even remotely.

Each time I wore my ipod’s earphones, they just sat at the opening of the canal, but never sticking, which resulted in me selling the thing. Then I got another set of earphones that stuck in my ears like extra strength epoxy, but they made my ears feel like they were giving birth (assuming giving birth feels like trying to force a cactus into your nose).

The straw that broke the Geremy’s back was when one of my inferior, painful earphones literally popped in my ear. I was listening to a song with a lot of bass on full volume with bass-booster enabled when all of a sudden I heard a pixxxxerrqrh sound (it’s hard to spell sounds) and my eardrums started ringing like those annoying nextel/boost mobile phones.

From today on, NO MORE! I’ve given up on cheap earphones and bought a good Bose headphone as a replacement. Although I had to spend a block of cheese on them, it’ll be worth it in the long run. Best of all, I don’t have to deal with ripped eardurms in 5 years, unless I choose to rip them with my powerful new earphones.