Meeting of Moguls

A few months ago I had the idea to pay $100 to business “bigshots” for a 30 minute meeting where I’d find out the keys to their success. I figured that if I could collect nuggets of wisdom from different people, I could combine them into a super-nugget of knowledge in my brain.

Last week I had my first meeting with a worldwide real estate and auto sales “top-dog.” I arrived in his office in my usual business-casual attire and sat amongst three other men who I was unfamiliar with. I inmediately jumped right into the conversation and asked, “how’d you achieve all of this?!” Immediately one of the other men asked, “who is this guy?!” I guess they didn’t like my question.

After a brief conversation I discovered that each of the other men in the room were also powerful, influential business men from across the United States. I quickly came to the shocking realization that I was probably the only person [and thing] in the room that was worth less than $20 million. I knew that I was in the presence of powerful people so I shifted my attention and questions to each of them. I was getting the most valuable interview in my life!

I sat in the office for a little over an hour and then I left with about one trillion dollars worth of knowledge. Immediately after the meeting I went directly home and stationed myself in my long-abandoned home office to rethink my future and form bigger goals. At this rate, I will have my new car, zebra, and private jet within the next five years!