Mocha Frappa-Whoa-no!

My FREE Mocha

Two Saturdays ago I was driving home when I remembered a lonely $5 Starbucks giftcard that has been living in my wallet for the last five months. In an effort to use the card I walked into Starbucks and ordered a tall mocha frappuccino and an apple fritter. When I attempted to pay for my exciting meal I was swiftly interrupted by a pleasant lady in her mid-30’s.

The lady stepped in front of me and handed the cashier a giftcard of her own. I politely stood waiting for the woman to complete her transaction when the cashier pointed to the woman and said “she just paid for your order.” “What? Seriously?!”

I turned to the good Samaritan woman and initiated a conversation:

Me: Did you pay for my meal?
Her: Yes *smiles*. Sometimes it’s good to confuse people
Me: Wow, how nice! Thanks a lot.
Her: No problem.

I grabbed my order and headed out the door

Me: Thanks again!
Her: Sure! I like your shirt!
Me: For real? Thanks!

I walked out the door in utter disbelief since the scary Miss Sterious said the same thing to me a week earlier!

I didn’t get the memo that “…nice shirt” is now the standard protocol for older women to woo young lads, but if it’ll get me free Starbucks then feel free to compliment my shirt anytime!