My Peculiar Wedding Speech

A year ago, my favorite sister got married and I quickly became aware of wedding norms that everyone knew except for me. Apparently when your only sister gets married it’s customary that the brother gives a speech. So in preparation for this speech that I knew nothing about, I asked a few people for guidance, but everyone responded, “just say something nice and sweet.” Nice and sweet?!?!  I haven’t said something nice and sweet since the blog post in 2011 in memory of our family’s first guinea pig.
I brainstormed different speech ideas and settled on a speech about the time that my sister died under a school and was resurrected by grey “beings” with tube-like legs. But on the wedding day, I remembered that I already made a video about this story and I didn’t want to repeat it, so I had no speech.
When it came time for my speech, I walked on stage and decided to just say whatever came to mind. Do you know what came to mind?? Wrestling!  So here is the video that I gave at my sister’s wedding in August 2020 about wrestling.