Reflecting on 29

As I approach the final hour of the second decade of my life, I wanted to reflect on my life at age 29.  In the past few years, I was been so busy living life that I forgot to enjoy living, so this year I placed a strong emphasis on enjoying the process as well as the outcome of my work.  Now that the age of 29 is coming to a close for me, I can look back and applaud the moments that made this year a memorable year.  These moments include:

Outside of those moments are numerous important things that can’t easily be quantified, such as:

  • The many friendships that I built and strengthened
  • The many business relationships that I established and grew
  • Fun moments that I spent with the teens that I teach, including the moments freestyle rapping in the car while driving them home
  • My growth in mindset and many lessons learned through the challenging times

On my first day of turning 29, my friend told me, “Let this be the [age] that marks the beginning of great opportunities and opened doors. There are only greater things ahead. You haven’t even scraped the tip of the iceberg…” Now, I’m glad to say (and proud to see) that he was right.

As I enter into the age of 30, I can’t wait to see what additional things are in store! Hopefully I finally get that real-life, alive zebra that I’ve wanted since the age of 12! Fingers crossed!